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Brand: Welzenter Model: V0000128
Still don't have the Air Cushion inflatable leveller cushion for mattresses at home yet? From now on you won't have to endure back pain from sleeping on a mattress which begins to sink. Thanks to its super resistant material, you'll be able to continue using your usual mattress, with no need to chan..
Brand: Welzenter Model: 17219
Get now the Bright Look calming gel mask and find out its benefits for health! It allows to relieve eye fatigue, headaches, migraines, etc.Use cold to lower fevers, control swelling, headaches and burnsUse hot to increase blood circulation and relieve fatigue and painElastic rubber for perfect adjus..
Brand: Welzenter Model: 617
If you're worried about your physique and you like to look after yourself, the Bright Look electric breast enhancer is the product you're looking for! Its revolutionary system, based on electrodes, emits a vibrating massage which strengthens and increases breast musculature and boosts blood circulat..
Brand: Welzenter Model: 6030
Worried about unsightly bags or dark circles under your eyes? The revolutionary Bright Look eye massager will help to rejuvenate the area around the eyes quickly and easily! Its advanced stimulation system speeds up cell renewal, which delays the signs of ageing and reduces bags and dark circles. Ad..
Brand: Welzenter Model: 5126
Refresh and renew your tired toes and feet with the Cool Toes Refresh gel toe separator! This toe separator is soft and comfortable. It's made of silicone gel with spa effect to revitalise and relax your toes and feet. They stretch contracted toes, activate the blood flow and works the muscles ..
Brand: Welzenter Model: V0100361
To ensure that summer doesn't catch you unprepared, get the Fresh Mat cooling gel mat 75 x 160 now! Just lie down on it to feel a cooling effect directly on your skin, although it can also be used with thin clothing or a protective cover, depending on the desired degree of coolness. This foam m..
Brand: Welzenter Model: F1520257
The Sock4Toes Relax Socks are perfect for relieving tired feet as their to separator pads noticably reduce fatigue. Advantages of the Sock4Toes:Help to calm toe pain caused by fatigueHelp to calm areas affected by hammer toes, bunions, cramps etc.Help to reduce stress and relieve tension...
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