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Tristar BL4009 Chopper with Plastic Bowl

Buy Tristar BL4009 chopper with plastic bowl at the best price. This compact chopper is easy to use...


Tristar BL4015 Chopper

The Tristar BL4015 Chopper is perfect for preparing delicious salads! This versatile kitchen applian..


Tristar BL4431 Glass Jug Blender 0.45 L

Buy Tristar BL4431 glass jug blender 0.45 L with stainless steel blades at the best price. This comp..


Tristar BL4435 Jug Blender 0.5L

Buy Tristar BL4435 jug blender 0.5L at the best price. Make your favourite shakes in just a few minu..


Tristar BL4441 Blender

This Summer, prepare the most delicious milkshakes and sauces with the Tristar BL4441 blender! A use..


Tristar BP2988 Wok Set (4 Pans)

Buy Tristar BP2988 wok set (4 pans) at the best price. This modern wok set includes 4 coloured pans,..


Tristar BR1022 Toaster

With the Tristar BR1022 toaster you can heat bread or prepare the best toasts for your breakfast or ..


Tristar BR1024 Toaster

Don't miss out on the fantastic Tristar BR1024 toaster. Ideal for your kitchen!Characteristics:Power..


Tristar BR1025 Toaster

If you want a smart and functional toaster, the Tristar BR1025 toaster is a must for your kitchen.Ch..


Tristar CM1236 Drip Coffee Machine

Do you love to enjoy a good cup of coffee? Then don't miss out on the Tristar CM1236 drip coffee mac..