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Travelling and walks

Have you seen the walking and travelling section for pets? At Edwin and Margaret, we've got your pet covered.

Brand: Pet Prior Model: D4500124
Keep the street clean when you take out your dog for a walk thanks to this convenient dog poop bag holder (with 15 bags)! It’s the cleanest and easiest way to collect your pet’s poop from the floor. This plastic item has the shape of a barrel and a hook for easy hanging. Measures: Approx. 5 x 7 x 5 ..
Model: V0100225
We present you the My Pet EZ LED dog collar, perfect for ensuring that you never lose sight of your pet during evening or night walks!Durable material LED lightsOn/off button3 positions: slow flash, fast flash, constant LED light, no LED lightRing for leadAdjustable collarMinimum length approx.: 42 ..
Model: V0100263
You must have already walked your pet at night and lost sight of the place where they relieved themselves. With the MyPet Poop Lantern poop bag holder and flashlight this problem will be history! This multifunction flashlight is a must in your home. Light and compact.    Includes 3 rolls of 60 bags ..
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