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Brand: TopCom Model: 1229
If you're looking for a handy product to help you prepare your baby's bottle, the Baby Bottle Warmer & Steriliser TopCom KF4301 is perfect for you. This handy device is great for sterilising your baby's bottle as well as heating it.Features:Bottle warming functionSterilising functionKeeps bottle war..
Brand: TopCom Model: 1232
Take your baby's temperature quickly and accurately with the original TopCom Digital Flex Tip Thermometer TH4651.Features:Flexible tip for more comfortable useResults in 10 secondsSuitable for oral, rectal and underarm readingsStores memory of previous reading..
Brand: TopCom Model: F1600033
If you want your children to breath clean air, free of impurities, you need the TopCom LF4720 ultrasonic humidifier. Equiped with an ioniser to refresh and purify the air, this humidifier is quiet and won't bother your children while they are sleeping. Approx. dimensions: 16 x 34 x 33 cm. Approx. ca..
Brand: TopCom Model: 5811
Don't miss the TopCom microwave baby bottle steriliser! If you want to keep baby bottle teats, dummies, etc. in perfect condition during your trips, this product must go in your luggage. It can sterilise up to 2 baby bottles at the same time in just 3 minutes. Includes 3 sterilisation bags that can ..
Brand: TopCom Model: I4105004
If you don't like to waste time talking on the phone, the TopCom TE5732 cordless landline phone (pack of 2) will give you the mobility you need to communicate while moving. Includes the necessary cables for the stands and the batteries for the cordless phones (2 x Ni-MH AAA 1.2 V 300 mAh each phone)..
Brand: TopCom Model: 5489
Forget about the discomfort and slowness of conventional thermometers and discover the amazing TopcCom TH4655 infrared ear thermometer! This TH4655 thermometer is specifically designed for babies (it can also measure the temperature of milk, food, bathing water or room temperature). It includes a ho..
Brand: TopCom Model: I1000140
Stop suffering! Now you can know the evolution of your baby's weight and yours. Keep your weight under control with the TopCom WG2495 Bluetooth digital scale. Thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 technology, you can store all the weights in your smartphone or tablet, and see their evolution. Battery-operated (3 ..
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