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Brand: Smartwares Model: V0400142
Protect your home with the Smartwares HA700 wireless security system!Complete protection against sabotageTelephone alertsLED security status indicator Delayed or direct alarmBattery indicatorWireless alarm output for additional sirenMovement sensor for doors and windowsRange: 110º / 10 mFrequency: 8..
Brand: Smartwares Model: V0400141
Monitor your home's security from your computer or smartphone with the Smartwares HA701IP Smart Alarm! A smart, automated, integrated security system for homes and businesses from anywhere using your computer or smartphone (IOS/Android). You can receive alerts via message to your smartphone or email..
Brand: Smartwares Model: V0400150
Get the Smartwares SH5SETGW Intelligent WiFi plug with remote control (pack of 3) that allows you to control your home with total ease and comfort! These wireless plugs allow you to control lights and electrical devices in the home from a distance using a smartphone, and let you personalise the sett..
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