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Brand: Shar·X Model: 5436
Discover the Shar X Go mini electric shaver! This mini shaver is very practical, comfortable and effective, so it's the perfect travel companion. Battery-operated (1 x AA, not included). Approx. measures: 3 x 11 x 3 cm. Small cleaning brush included.  ..
Brand: Shar·X Model: 7967
Discover the convenient, practical and effective Shar X Lady electric mini epilator! An easy and fast way to gently remove hair. Its reduced dimensions make it the ideal companion for your trips. It features an on/off switch. Battery operated (1 x AA, not included). Approx. dimensions (height x diam..
Brand: Shar·X Model: 5042
Make your razors last longer with the Shar X Razor sharpener! This convenient razor sharpener is made of a special material that cleans and sharpens the blades of disposable razors making them last up to 4 times more. The structure is made of plastic and can also be used as a razor stand. ..
Brand: Shar·X Model: 5322
Sharpen your knives, scissors and other cutting utensils at home with the amazing Shar X Stand knife sharpener! Leave them like new quickly and easily thanks to this useful and practical manual sharpener. Made of tungsten carbide with white plastic exterior. Approx. measures: 4 cm in height x 6..
Brand: Shar·X Model: 13593
Cook without the fear of accidentally cutting yourself when using knives thanks to the Shar·X fingers protector! It is easy to put on, putting the finger through the ring at the back (it can be made larger or smaller to adjust it with greater precision).Made of stainless steelApprox. dimensions: 6 x..
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