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Scooters and tricycles

Discover our articles aimed at children having fun outside while getting exercise. Buy Honesty Sales exclusive articles at the best prices on the market! 

Brand: INNOVAGOODS Model: H4520132
Feel the speed with the fantastic Boost fish skateboard (4 wheels)! If you like skating, you're going to love this skateboard. Great for kids and teens. This wonderful 4-wheeled Boost skateboard is made of resistant plastic and has some metal parts. Approx. measures: 55 x 10 x 15.5 cm. Assorted colo..
Brand: Apolyne Model: 8450
Surprise your little ones with the Boost Scooter Junior 2-in-1 scooter-tricycle (3 wheels), the fashionable for children! Its pratical design allows you to easily turn it into a scooter or a tricycle, depending on the child's age and needs of each stage. Made of aluminium and plastic. Height-ad..
Brand: Apolyne Model: 5129
It's time to play with the fantastic Boost skate surfing skateboard (2 wheels)! This two-wheeled skateboard has two resistant platforms united by a metal bar. It's great for waveboard and skate surfing fans. It includes a storage bag with handles. Assorted designs and colours randomly selected depen..
Model: G0500153
These inline skates for kids are great and have an incredible design! If you have to make a gift, these roller skates are a great idea.Select your size:S: 29-32M: 33-36L: 37-40Each of these sizes can be adjusted for a perfect fit...
Brand: INNOVAGOODS Model: V0100677
Surprise the young ones this winter with the new novelty InnovaGoods Gadget Cool children's snow scooter! Ideal to spend a day of fun in the snow!Made of high density cold-resistant polyethyleneLightweight, resistant and flexibleBoard for sliding through the snowOval handlebar to easily grab on and ..