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Brand: Primizima Model: 1102
If you want it improve the appearance, elasticity and softness of your skin, don't be left without this aloe vera gel. Natural cosmetics are on the rise and this 100 % aloe vera moisturising cream is ideal for treating skin which is sunburnt or delicate, or which has allergies etc. Additionally, it ..
Brand: Primizima Model: V0000246
Don't miss out on the Anti-stress colouring book! You'll be able to relieve daily stress and forget all your worries by doing amazing drawings and mandalas throughout the 117 pages of this book. ..
Brand: Primizima Model: F0520103
Don't miss the Argan moisturising cream - your skin will gain softness and elasticity! Thanks to its properties, you'll be able to strengthen and repair your hair, revitalise your skin, treat acne, etc. Contains: 50 mL...
Brand: Primizima Model: F0520116
You still don't have an argan serum? Don't miss out on this fabulous face, body and hair oil that strengthens and moisturises hair, stimulates skin regeneration and provides your skin with elasticity. In addition, argan serum promotes cell renewal, treats skin irritation, acne, eczema and stretch ma..
Brand: Primizima Model: 14185
Get now your Breeze toilet set for men! A complete set of products for men hygiene ideal as a gift.Includes:1 x 180 mL of shower gel1 x 60 mL of shaving gel1 x 50 mL of facial exfoliant1 x 60 mL of shampoo1 x 25 g of soap..
Brand: Primizima Model: 7989
Look your best with the Bull Dog grooming set for men! A complete set of toiletries for men, free of parabens, artificial colours and fragrances. Its natural ingredients are not from animal origin.Includes:Shaving gel (175 mL): 8 essential oils, aloe vera, jojoba and konjac mannanFacial cleanser (15..
Brand: Primizima Model: V0700115
Do you still not have the new and effective triple action instant dark circle remover Flash Flawless? Get a younger and healthier face instantly with this innovative eye contour! Its gel texture made with collagen instantly reduces bags and dark circles with its triple action: tightens the skin, red..
Brand: Primizima Model: 13062
Don't hesitate, get your hands on the new jellyfish venom anti-wrinkle cream with wrinkle-filling effect now. Formulated from DBS (Deep Blue Sea) complex, it contains a combination of marine ingredients, such as jellyfish essence (rich in fibrillin) which improves facial architecture. This anti-agei..
Brand: Primizima Model: 13063
Haven't got the jellyfish venom repairing ampoules (pack of 5) with renovating effect yet? Formulated from (Deep Blue Sea) DBS complex, they contain a combination of marine ingredients, such as jellyfish essence (rich in fibrilline) to improve the facial architecture. You'll feel how your skin is re..
Brand: Primizima Model: 6038
Don't have the manicure set (5 pieces) yet? This incredible manicure case has everything you need for perfect hands no matter where you are. If you're organising a special event and you want to surprise your guests, its design and versitility make this a great gift idea. Includes 1 pair of tweezers,..
Brand: Primizima Model: 507
Are you fed up of staining your slippers when you paint your nails? The Memory Foam Pedicure Slippers are the answer. With these convertable slippers, you'll be able to paint your nails in an easy way thanks to the incorporated toe seperator. When the nail polish is dry, just close the zip and conve..
Brand: Primizima Model: 377
If you take care of your appearance and like to show off smooth, luminous and imperfection-free skin, the Micro Pearl serum is a natural cosmetic product which will become indispensable among your beauty products. Thanks to this serum's micronised pearl dust content, you'll achieve a smoother face a..
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