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If you want your kitchen to have the most useful kitchen accessories and utensils with the best designs on the market, then you are at the right place.

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If you're a hot-dog lover, you can't do without the Always Fresh Kitchen Microwave Hot Dog Cooking Bag. And you only need to wait 1 minute to enjoy the flavour!   Easy to use Composition: 90% polyester and 10% cotton Dishwasher safe Approx. measurements: 28.5 x 17 cm ..
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InnovaGoods is here to help you make cooking easy and fun by offering you the best new items for your kitchen, such as the Automatic, Refillable Water Dispenser InnovaGoods Kitchen Foodies! Discover a wide range of high-quality items that stand out for their functionality, efficiency and innovative ..
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If retro is your thing, you will definitely love this fantastic Coca-Cola retro tin! You'll find that it has multiple uses and can be used to store any spices, teas, condiments, etc. Its original design makes it an excellent decorative object and a charming gift to give to fans of the famous brand. ..
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Prepare unique homemade recipes in an easily and simply, such as the Fast & Easy Dumpling Maker pasty and filled pasta mould! Ideal to prepare pasties, filled pasta and other homemade recipes. It is very user-friendly and you can use it with any kind of dough: pasta, pastry, pasty, pizza, dumpli..
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Discover the benefits of the handy and practical InnovaGoods Kitchen Foodies bag sealer with magnet! A quick and simple way to hermetically seal bags of food, to preserve food better without losing any essential properties. You simply slide the ends of the bags between the sealing plates when they a..
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Get the new InnovaGoods Home Houseware bin bag holder and discover the benefits of this great invention! It is very practical for holding bin bags and attaching them to drawers and cabinets in the kitchen easily and conveniently, making it much easier to clear away waste.  Made of PP Modern and fun..
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Introducing the new InnovaGoods Kitchen Foodies Boilegg microwave egg boiler with recipe booklet! This innovative microwave egg cooker will help you in your kitchen. An easy and clean way to cook eggs faster and more comfortably. Made of aluminium and PP (BPA-free) Innovative and functional design ..
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Turn the cans containing your favorite drinks instantly and comfortably into bottles, with the new InnovaGoods Kitchen Foodies can topper (pack 10)! Just fit this practical and original accessory onto the can. Furthermore, these bottle tops prevent you from drinking directly from the can, thus avoid..
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Improve the quality of water thanks to the InnovaGoods Kitchen Foodies eco kitchen faucet! A water filter that is ideal for the kitchen faucet, in order to drink, wash and cook with much healthier water. Furthermore, the micronization effect allows you to save water, electricity and detergent. Made..
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Would you like to serve already peeled hard boiled eggs? The original InnovaGoods Kitchen Foodies egg boiler set (pack of 7) allows you to season and hard boil your eggs without their shell! A new system to boil eggs with greater comfort and ease. You can season and prepare your eggs before boiling ..
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Keep your fridge free from unpleasant odours, with the help of the InnovaGoods Kitchen Foodies fridge deodorizer! A simple and effective method, since you just need to fill it with sodium bicabornate and place it inside your fridge. Further, it contains a monthly indicator, so that you know when it ..
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Presenting the InnovaGoods Kitchen Foodies fridge eco balls (pack of 3)! Very useful for improving the life of fresh foods in the fridge, such as fruit and vegetables. You only need to place them in the fridge so that they can absorb the gases released by the foods, which has the effect of greatly d..
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