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Model: H3515199
We bring you the original Coca-Cola money box! This money box is shaped as a Coca-Cola can. It features a slot to insert coins and lid that can be opened to take out the savings or tips. Approx. dimensions (diameter x height): 11 x 20 cm. An ideal decoration for bars, restaurants, shops, etc. NOTE: ..
Model: J1500195
If retro decoration is your thing and you're crazy about Coca-Cola, you won't be able to resist the Coca-Cola retro metal box! A decorative box which recalls the history of this popular soft-drink. Very useful for storing any object and a perfect gift for vintage enthusiasts. Approx. dimensi..
Model: J1500198
Surprise guests at your next party with the Coca-Cola straw container! This metallic container is the perfect decorative item to display your straws for soft-drinks and beverages. It has a cover and a window to display the straws inside. Approx. dimensions (diameter x height): 8.40 x 22.30 cm.NO..
Model: J1500197
Get your Coca-Cola vintage straw container now! It's the most original and practical way to display the straws for drinks and refreshments when you have guests. In addition, this metallic tin is ideal for decorating your kitchen and giving it a special touch. It has a cover and a window which displa..
Model: J2000175
The Eden Deluxe blanket is great for your bed. It measures approx. 160 x 230 cm. This blanket is super soft and very warm. It'll help you to stay warm in winter. 100 % polyester. Convenient carrying handle.NOTE: This product has slight cosmetic damage, such as scratches or scuffs, which does not aff..