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If you would like to buy lamps, Honesty Sales is the retailer you need. In this section of our catalogue you'll find a wide range of lamps for all kinds of styles and tastes.

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Get the most innovative decoration for your home with the InnovaGoods Home LED Flow Lamp glitter lamp with speaker, perfect for creating an intimate and special atmosphere. In addition, thanks to its built-in speaker you listen to music and answer calls by connecti..
Brand: INNOVAGOODS Stock: In Stock
Create a warm and intimate atmosphere with the original and decorative InnovaGoods Home LED Magma lava lamp! A table lamp that creates a very special atmosphere by flowing inside a gentle stream of lava. Perfect for the bedside table or for any space in the house. Made of aluminium, glass, wax and ..
Brand: INNOVAGOODS Stock: In Stock
If you are passionate about the world of gadgets, InnovaGoods offers you the best and most original new items for the home, car, travel, children, technology, entertainment, etc.! Discover a wide range of high-quality products that stand out thanks to their functionality, efficiency and innovative d..
Brand: INNOVAGOODS Stock: In Stock
Check out these Pockelamp Portable LED Torch with Remote Control (pack of 4) from the Presence Light Kids range! Perfect as a nightlight or auxiliary lighting, very practical and easy to use (no assembly required).White LED lightTwo levels of light intensityVelcro with adhesive on the base for fixin..
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