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Kitchen Utensils & Accessories

Find the most practical kitchen accessories and utensils: can openers, bottle openers, salt and pepper shakers, corkscrews, kitchen scissors, vegetable dicers, lighters, thermometers, chopping boards, etc.

Brand: Always Fresh Kitchen Model: 33894
If you love exotic fruit but never buy it because you don't like peeling it, then the All in One Avocadore avocado cutter and peeler is the perfect solution for your problems! From now on, you can effortlessly prepare delicious salads and dips.Cutting bladePitterRing to extract the fruitErgonomic an..
Brand: Atopoir Noir Model: 17461
Enjoy an exquisite sushi in style with the Atopoir Noir sushi set (7 pieces)!2 ceramic bowls (diameter x height: 7 x 3 cm approx.)4 wooden chopsticks (approx. length: 24 cm)Rectangular slate tray with foam rubber feet (approx. 30 x 20 x 0.5 cm)Slate tray and chopsticks not dishwasher safe..
Brand: Atopoir Noir Model: 17485
Serve the most select gourmet delicacies with elegance thanks to the Atopoir Noir tasting set (13 pieces)!4 ceramic small dishes4 small ceramic spoons4 small glass tasting glasses (capacity approx.: 50 ml)Rectangular slate tray with foam rubber feet (approx. 30 x 20 x 0.5 cm)Dishwasher safe (except ..
Brand: TakeTokio Model: 12516
Here you have a multifunctional product. Don't miss the Bamboo bowl Take Tokio! For serving salads, dried fruts and nuts or for decorating the hall or living room with dried flowers, candles, etc. Wherever you fancy, you'll be able to give your home a touch of elegance and originality. Approx. dimen..
Brand: TakeTokio Model: 12518
If you like bamboo products, don't miss the convenient Bamboo bread cutting board and knife TakeTokio. This bread cutting board features a hole to hang it on the wall, a magnetised area for the knife and grooves to catch the crumbs. Approx. dimensions of the bamboo board: 55 x 2 x 12 cm. Approx. len..
Brand: TakeTokio Model: 12515
Do you want to have the best kitchenware in your home? Then don't miss out on the practical bamboo cutting board with tray TakeTokio! You can now chop up the ingredients for your dishes and they'll go directly on to the tray. You just have to slide it! Approx. dimensions: 35 x 4 x 25 cm. A..
Brand: Bravissima Kitchen Model: B0520151
This convenient and elegant salt and pepper mill in the shape of a bottle of wine is very useful to grind pepper and salt easily and comfortably. Made of acrylic. Measures approx. 38 cm height x 7.5 cm diameter..
Brand: Bravissima Kitchen Model: 17478
If you are one of those who likes to have the most appetising nibbles in sight, don't miss the Bravissima Kitchen glass jar so you can store sweet or savoury snacks, or any type of food you like.Made of glassApprox. dimensions (diameter x height): 13 x 18 cm..
Brand: Bravissima Kitchen Model: 32632
Manage meal preparation time with the novel Bravissima Kitchen Ice Bucket kitchen timer!     Made of plastic     Analogue timer (0-60 min)     Warning sound     Approx. dimensions (diameter x height): 7 x 9 cm     Free point-of-sale display with the purchase of 12 units..
Brand: Bravissima Kitchen Model: 17482
We bring you the Bravissima Kitchen set of wine accessories (4 pieces)! A perfect gift for lovers of good wine.Drip ringThermometerStainless steel pourerStainless steel corkscrewCase with magnetic closure (approx. 22.5 x 3.5 x 12.5 cm)..
Brand: Bravissima Kitchen Model: 33399
Here is the original and practical Bravissima Kitchen stainless steel conical grater. Your kitchen wouldn't be complete without it!Made from stainless steelThermoplastic rubber handle and base (TPR)Three grating settings (from coarser to more fine)Approx. dimensions (diameter x height): 12 x 24..
Brand: Coca-Cola Model: B1020195
Give a nod to the past with the Coca-Cola retro round metal box! This decorative box in a retro style is very useful for storing objects, biscuits, spices, herbs, etc. It is locked in the same way as traditional tin boxes, by pressure. Without a doubt, this would be a great original present for Coca..
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