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Anonymous Mask

If you're looking for a great accessory for a custome party with relatives or friends, the Anonymous..


Glasses Drinking Tube

Don't go partying without the Glasses drinking tube! Your friends will be astonished when they see y..


Invisible Ink Pen

The invisible ink pen allows you to write invisible messages which can only be read using the ultrav..


Joke Glasses with Moustache

Impress relatives and friends with your originality when picking the accessories you use to dress up..


No Sign

Are you fed up of people breaking the rules? With the No Sign With Strap you can be sure to surprise..


Syringe Pen

Syringe pen looks just like a real syringe! It features some red liquid that looks like blood but co..


Toilet Golf Set SOLD OUT

Toilet Golf Set

Buy Toilet Golf Set at the best price. You will probably not find a more original way to play golf t..


Whoopee Cushion SOLD OUT

Whoopee Cushion

With this whoopee cusion you'll be able to play jokes on your close family and you'll love seeing th..