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Jewel Bedding

Brand: Jewel Bedding Model: F1505138
With the new Bamboo Jewel Bedding memory foam pillow you can sleep and rest in total comfort! Made of natural bamboo fibre, polyester and memory foam. This quality pillow has an exclusive elegant design. Ergonomic, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and breathable. It has a very soft pillowcase with a zi..
Brand: Jewel Bedding Model: 7969
Need to feel well-rested when you wake up in the morning? With the Jewel Bedding anti-wrinkle viscoelastic pillow that's exactly how you'll feel, as the viscoelastic core of this excellent pillow will favour a relaxing and pleasant sleep. Additionally, thanks to the exclusive style of its two ends, ..
Brand: Jewel Bedding Model: 5361
With the Jewel Bedding memory foam pillow with case your hours of sleep and relax will have better quality and comfort! This ergonomic neck pillow is very comfortable and soft with its exclusive elegant design. It includes a removable and washable velvet pillowcase. Made of top-quality memory foam, ..
Brand: Jewel Bedding Model: 7996
We present you with the Viscoelastic Cushion with Gel Jewel Bedding! This cushion has a viscoelastic core and gel on one side to increase comfort .Additionally, the gel is moulded by the body's heat and it adapts perfectly to the shape of your back and neck. Washable and removable case. Approx. dime..
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