Insect repellers

Insect repellers

Edwin & Margaret’s repellers are the most effective on the market; no insect can resist their annihilating power! Don’t hesitate, buy them discount.

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13 cm Citronella Candle in Terracotta Pot SOLD OUT

13 cm Citronella Candle in Terracotta Pot

This summer, decorate your garden or terrace with the 13cm citronella candle in terracotta pot! A na..


Baby Cot Mosquito Net

Protect your baby from annoying insects whilst he or she sleeps, with the Baby cot mosquito net!Made..


Electric Mosquito Repellent SOLD OUT

Electric Mosquito Repellent

Say goodbye to annoying insects this summer and for the rest of the year with the electric mosquito ..


Hands Swatter Pistol SOLD OUT

Hands Swatter Pistol

Aim and shoot! The unusual Hands swatter pistol is the most original, easiest and funniest way for g..


Inkil T1100 Fly Killer Light

The Inkil T1100 fly killer light is a very convenient device. The UVA light attracts flyin..


Inkil T1200 Fly Killer Light

Discover the Inkil T1200 fly killer light! This insect trap has a UVA light that attracts flies..


Inkil T1500 Fly Killer Light

The Inkil T1500 fly killer light is just what you need to get rid of annoying insects once..


InnovaGoods Magnetic Fly Curtain

Let fresh air into your home while keeping insects away thanks to the new InnovaGoods Home Pest magn..


Parches Antimosquitos Zoom Happy Faces Edition

Do you want to avoid being bitten by mosquitos this year? Protect your whole family with the Zoom Ha..