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Brand: INKIL Model: D0500140
The Inkil T1100 fly killer light is a very convenient device. The UVA light attracts flying insects and the electric mesh sends a shock as soon as they touch it. You'll soon get rid of flies and mosquitoes. It has a protective mesh, a waste tray. No harmful chemicals, fumes or odours. Idea..
Brand: INKIL Model: D0500141
Discover the Inkil T1200 fly killer light! This insect trap has a UVA light that attracts flies and mosquitoes leading them towards their destruction as the electric parts inside will kill them. No harmful chemicals, fumes or odours. Ideal for a space of 28 m2.Voltage: 220 VFrequency: 50 HzPowe..
Brand: INKIL Model: D0500137
The Inkil T1500 fly killer light is just what you need to get rid of annoying insects once and for all. Its UVA light attracts mosquitoes and flies, and the electric mesh kills them. This fly killer light has a protective grid and a removable waste tray for easy cleaning. No harmful c..
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