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Corkscrews, can openers and bottle openers

Corkscrews, can openers and bottle openers

Visit this section at Edwin and Margaret and you will find corkscrews, tin openers and bottle openers with the most unique and practical designs.

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Cork Matik Electric Corkscrew SOLD OUT

Cork Matik Electric Corkscrew

With the incredible Cork Matik electric corkscrew you can open your wine bottles quickly a..


Crocodile Jar Opener SOLD OUT

Crocodile Jar Opener

Suffer no more while attempting to open impossible jars, here to help is the practical, unusual Croc..


Heart Bottle Opener SOLD OUT

Heart Bottle Opener

Heart Bottle Opener. This heart-shaped bottle opener is a must in your house or business if you are ..


Pop Top Bottle Opener SOLD OUT

Pop Top Bottle Opener

Buy Pop Top Bottle Opener at the best price. If you often like gadgets, you are going to love this b..


Tap Corkscrew

Vintage is fashionable! Are you on trend? Get the Tap Corkscrew now and surprise your guests with it..


Tristar BO2102 Can Opener SOLD OUT

Tristar BO2102 Can Opener

Buy Tristar BO2102 can opener at the best price. High-power multi-purpose electric can opener (50W) ..


Valve Design Corkscrew SOLD OUT

Valve Design Corkscrew

Is it a valve? A stopcock? A mains tap? No! This interesing and surprising Valve design corkscrew co..


Wall Mounted Bottle Opener SOLD OUT

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Where is the bottle opener when you need it?! If you're constantly facing this situation, today is y..