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DIY and Hardware

DIY and Hardware

If you want to add DIY and hardware products to your shopping, you can’t miss this section of Edwin & Margaret. You’ll find toolboxes, drills, paint rollers and many more tools at the best prices.

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360/6 Screwlett Screwdriver with Tips Dispenser

If you love ironmongery and also like to have your tools organized and well-kept, the 360/..


Allen Key Set (8 pieces)

If you want to have a complete tool box, you need the Allen key set (8 pieces). It looks like just l..


Banknote Check Fake Note Detector SOLD OUT

Banknote Check Fake Note Detector

Check the authenticity of bank notes easily and quickly with the extremely effective Banknote Check ..


Campart Travel CS0975 Folding Trolley

Are you thinking about going camping and you'll need to carry heavy objects? Then have a look at the..


Electric Air Pump

Today we bring you a practical electric air pump that will solve your problems. Stop blowing and get..


Intex Electric Air Pump SOLD OUT

Intex Electric Air Pump

Inflate and deflate any object with the Intex electric air pump! This practical electric pump pushes..


TopCom TH4675 Room Thermometer and Hygrometer

Now you can buy the TopCom TH4675 room thermometer and hygrometer! This thermometer and hygrometer w..


Wireless Doorbell with 16 Tunes SOLD OUT

Wireless Doorbell with 16 Tunes

Ring, ring, ring! Who is it? Get the amazing wireless doorbell with 16 tunes now! It works with radi..


XXL Ladder Extendable Telescopic Ladder

The incredible XXL Ladder extendable telescopic ladder (from PWR Work) is a must in your home as you..