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Brand: Hasendad Model: 12644
Stop having so many key chains spread out all over your house and don't miss the AKO organising key chain! This key organiser is the best solution for keeping house and car keys in the same space and in a unique way. Thanks to its innovative storing system using grommets, you can place as many keys ..
Brand: Hasendad Model: H2500226
You can now light up all your parties and celebrations with a product that will amaze each and every one of your guests! This is the original and glamourous B Party multicolour LED projector. You'll be able to light up any space with its three colours (red, green and blue), in exactly the way you wa..
Brand: Hasendad Model: 32643
Go for greater safety with the original and complete Canestrong folding double handle LED walking stick! A light, sturdy metal walking stick providing great grip and stability thanks to its double handle and support foot. Very practical and convenient to use, with LED lights and adjustable height. I..
Brand: Hasendad Model: V0100211
Shopping will never be the same with Cart Car Car Boot Carriers Bags for Shopping (pack of 4)! These handy bags are a great help in keeping the shopping well-organised in the boot of the car and transporting it. They are easily set up and save time, space and money. In addition, they are e..
Brand: Hasendad Model: 13426
The Chouchou de Papa et Maman bathing cap for children will become children's best friend at bathtime! Thanks to its design, children can be relaxed while they bathe without the fear of having water or shampoo get in their eyes.Made of EVA rubberAdjustable (approx. diameter: 11-15 cm)Recommended age..
Brand: Hasendad Model: H1000120
In case you need a spare airbed at home or anywhere else, we present you the best solution: the fabulous Couch Air airbed! This inflatable mattress is very practical, safe and comfortable. Made of resistant plastic, it has a velvety top surface. The Couch Air airbed has double air valves and it..
Brand: Hasendad Model: 5999
From now on, you'll always be able to keep food and drinks cool on picnics in the country, trips to the beach, excursions, etc. with the Cubice ice sheets. Just put the ice sheets into the freezer for approx. 12 hours and take them out when you want to use them, it's that simple. What's more, as the..
Brand: Hasendad Model: D4015133
Buy Handy Chair Folding Chair at the best price. Have a portable chair whenever you need it! Thanks to this fantastic, useful folding chair, you won't have to stand for hours in queues or any other celebration. This comfortable and resistant Handy Chair folding chair supports up to 90kg and is suita..
Brand: Hasendad Model: V0100391
Do you want to avoid being bitten by mosquitos this year? Protect your whole family with the Zoom Happy Faces Edition anti-mosquito patches, ideal for any age. www.zoommosquito.comApply on top of clothes or on any type of surface (baby's pram, rucksacks, etc.)Do not apply on the skinLasts approx. 6 ..
Brand: Hasendad Model: 12641
Give the little ones at home a game which awakens their imagination! With the Playz Kidz drinking straws game (194 pieces), they'll be able to develop their skills and have lots of fun with friends or the family. Drinking won't ever be the same again!Features:Recommended: +8 yearsMade of plasti..
Brand: Hasendad Model: 16904
The little ones can have fun like never before with Playz Kidz Soap Bubbles Game with Magic Socks! Thanks to the special socks which make the bubbles bounce without exploding, the kids will be able to play making bubbles and knocking them back and forth. Container with special soapy liquid..
Brand: Hasendad Model: 7975
We all know how annoying it is sometimes to try to cut cling film or kitchen foil without ripping it. For this reason, the Rolvolution kitchen roll holder is a must-have piece of kitchenware in your house. Its jagged blade will quickly and precisely cut the paper or film you need by simply gently pr..
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