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Glasses, cups and jugs

We have a wide and complete range of glasses, cups and jugs of all styles and models, from classics for the home to original pieces for parties and celebrations, gifts or businesses. You can now buy them at Edwin and Margaret at good prices. 

Brand: Bravissima Kitchen Model: 17475
Give a nostalgic and elegant design to your kitchen with the Bravissima Kitchen vintage bottle! Perfect for serving water, juices, etc., but also as a decoration.Glass BottleCapacity approx.: 1,25 lMeasures approx. (diameter x height): 10 x 24 cm..
Brand: Vintage Coconut Model: 13556
Don't wait any longer and get now the Coconut Vintage jugs (pack of 4), some ideal glass jugs if you like vintage style!Approx. capacity of each jug: 100 mL.Approx. dimensions (diameter x height): 5 x 8 cm...
Brand: Wagon Trend Model: 14385
Get the unique and practical glass bottle with Star straw now!Glass bottleApprox. capacity: 300 mlMetal screw topPlastic straw (approx. 20 cm)Approx. dimensions (diameter x height): 6 x 15.5 cmDesigns will be shipped randomly depending on stock..
Brand: Party Model: 1389
Buy Moustache Glass at the best price. Introducing the Moustache Glass. The Moustache Glass is a new fun glass with which you can enjoy yourself while having a drink. The Moustache Glass is very original as it has a printed moustache. It will look as if the drinker had a moustache on the mouth.Featu..
Brand: Appetitissime Model: 17417
Are you lazy when it comes to ingesting liquid? With the Only H2O Smart Mug you'll have no excuse not to rehydrate regularly. Smart Mug will switch on by itself 2 hours after having been drunk from or 2 hours since it has been last illuminated. At night the mug is switched iself on by..
Brand: Romantic Items Model: 36576
If you like to buy unusual and practical romantic gifts, we bring you Romantic Items His & Hers jars with lid and straw (pack of 2)! 2 glass jars with handle2 plastic straws (approx. length: 17 cm)2 metal screw-top lids with hole for the strawApprox. capacity: 500 ml (each)Approx. dimensions: 7 x 13..
Brand: Wagon Trend Model: 18402
You'll find the Star Wagon Trend jar with lid and straw at best parties and celebrations! It will fascinate you with its unusual design!Glass jar with handlePlastic straw (approx. length: 17 cm)Screw metal cap with straw holeCapacity approx.: 450 mlApprox. dimensions: 7 x 13 x 10 cmAssorted designs ..
Brand: Vintage Coconut Model: 9885
Would you like to astonish your guests in the most original way? Now you can with the Vintage Coconut Coloured jar. This glass jar features a screw cap and a straw. The most retro manner of drinking whatever you fancy! Available in different colours that will be randomly shipped depending on st..
Brand: Vintage Coconut Model: 33405
Give your party a nostalgic and enchanting twist with the Vintage Coconut jugs with lids, straws and metal basket (pack of 4)!Metal basket with handle (approx. 20 x 10 x 18 cm)4 glass jugs with handles4 plastic straws (approx. length: 19 cm)4 screw-in metal lids with straw holeApprox. volume: 450&nb..
Brand: Vintage Coconut Model: 13698
Enhance your vintage kitchenware with the unique Vintage Coconut mug with lid and straw! This glass mug comes with a metal protective lid and a plastic straw (approx. length: 19 cm). Approx. capacity: 400 mL. Approx. dimensions: 10 x 13 x 7.5 cm. Available in several different designs that will..
Brand: Vintage Coconut Model: 9884
Surprise your guests with this Vintage Coconut transparent jar! This glass jar comes with lid and straw (approx.: 16.5 cm). Drink whatever you like in the most retro and original way! Available in various designs which are sent at random according to stock availability. Approx. capacity: 400 mL..
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