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1.5 Metre HDMI Lead, Version 1.4, Black with Gold Connectors, Male A to A, NEW

1.5 Metre Hdmi Lead, Version 1.4, Black With Gold Connectors, Male A To A, NewFeatures1.5 metre in l..


1.5 Metre VGA Cable, Male to Male, New

Our range of Super VGA cables are constructed using UL2919 approved 28awg triple mini coaxial and 5 ..


2 Metre Display Port Cable, Male to Male, Black

Convenient cable directly connects a DisplayPort (DP, DP++, DisplayPort++) equipped computer to a HD..


Cloverleaf UK Power Lead + 3 Pin Plug, For Laptops, 2 Metre, Black, New

UK Power Cable, Triangular, Cloverleaf, Moulded Plug, 2 MetresProduct OverviewUK moulded ac plugC5 f..


UK Power Cable, Kettle Lead, Moulded Plug, 2 Metres, Used

The IEC (C13) to UK mains cable, more commonly know as a kettle lead is used for powering a variety ..