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Footwear and accessories

Footwear and accessories

Buy footwear and accessories that Edwin and Margaret offers you in this section! You’ll find shoes, ballet pumps, insoles, shoehorns, ankle braces, socks, etc.

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5cm in 1sec Insoles SOLD OUT

5cm in 1sec Insoles

Buy 5cm in 1sec Insoles at the best price. Increase your height without anyone noticing. The 5cm in ..


Air Tone Toning Trainers

Get in shape almost effortlessly with the Air Tone toning trainers! These trainers, with curved..


BTK Running Shoes

Do you like going running? Do you know about the new technique known as barefoot running? With the B..


Extendable Metal Shoe Horn

Stop suffering every time you put on your shoes thanks to the extendable metal shoe horn! It's the s..


Festival Shoe Covers

These festival shoe covers are made of plastic and allow you to protect your shoes against water, di..


GlowFlow Kids LED Trainers

Get the GlowFlow Kids LED Trainers for your little ones now, the trainer that's triumphed on th..


GlowFlow Trainers with LED

Show off and be fashionable with the GlowFlow trainers with LED! Comfort and personal style that won..


Magic Ballerinas Flats

Let yourself be seduced by this authentic tren of the Magic Ballerinas Flats! They are flexible..


Magnetic Silicone Insoles SOLD OUT

Magnetic Silicone Insoles

The gel insoles are perfect for reducing the pressure that you put on your joints when you walk. The..


Tie Shoehorn

Put your shoes on comfortably with help of the unusual Tie shoehorn! A shoehorn with a fun tie-shape..