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Brand: Fit x Slim Model: V0100269
The AirFlow Technology Fit x Slim sports bras (pack of 2) are here for the sporty crowd! Comfortable, soft and flexible. They fit perfectly and provide great support. The innovative AirFlow technology allows for the skin to transpire during exercise while maintaining stable body temperature.Ela..
Brand: Fit x Slim Model: F1005255
Achieve a sculpted figure with the Bamboo Shapewear Unibody Reducing and Moulding Corset! Thanks to its unique design, it provides great support and coverage. This effective slimming corset reduces size and moulds your figure. Bamboo Shapewear Unibody lifts the bust and glutes, whilst simultaneously..
Brand: Fit x Slim Model: V0100324
Highlight the natural shape of your behind and attain a sexy seductive figure with the Bum-Bastic Push-Up Derriere-lifting underwear! These shorts are made from soft material and are perfect for wearing under your clothes. They are specially designed to enhance the natural shape of your be..
Brand: Fit x Slim Model: F1005224
Would you like to enhance your breasts quickly and easily? Then, the Chic Shaper Push Up cleavage enhancer is right what you need! Health and beauty in one Fit x Slim product, since it pushes up your breasts while correcting your back posture. Made of a flexible fabric (nylon: 92% and span..
Brand: Fit x Slim Model: F1010184
We are introducing the unique microfibre bra which is perfectly adapted to your body and highlights your figure, without lines, marks or bulges. The Comfort Bra Spring (pack of 3) is much more soft and flexible than traditional bras.Includes 3 bras: red, blue and fuchsiaComposition: 8 % elastic and ..
Brand: Fit x Slim Model: 17418
If you want eternal glamour with your most low-cut dresses but don't wish make any risks as to what can be seen and what cannot, the Fashion Securitape Cleavage Adhesive Fit X Slim (pack of 30) is the answer. This practical hypoalergenic adhesive tape is very easy to use and comfortab..
Brand: Fit x Slim Model: F1005200
Say goodbye to those flabby arms with the Fit X Slim arm shapewear (pack of 3)! With this shapewear specially designed for arms and shoulders you too can have arms that are slim and firm. Fit X Slim is lightweight and comfortable, and you can use it discreetly under your clothes. Made of nylon ..
Brand: Fit x Slim Model: F1005246
Stylize your figure easily with the Fit X Slim reducing undershirts for men! Slimming and shaping t-shirts which are comfortable and discreet, thanks to their soft and flexible fabric which provides elasticity and firmness. Material: 95% nylon and 5% elastane. Includes a short-sleeved t-shirt and a ..
Brand: Fit x Slim Model: F1010143
Sbelt Bra. Many women consider it to be the most comfortable bra in the market as it doesn't have inconvenient fasteners and it is very soft. You can also use it to practise sports such as cycling, professional dance or cardio training. The Sbelt Bra is made of sweat-absorbing fabric that offers com..
Brand: Fit x Slim Model: F1010166
Buy Strap Nix Bra (3 pieces) at the best price. The mainuse of any bra is to hold the breasts without being noticed. However, this is not easy with so many seams, straps and closures, unless it's Strap Nix Bra. The Strap Nix Bra has been designed without all those elements so you can ..
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