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Fit x Slim

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AirFlow Technology Fit x Slim Sports Bras (pack of 2)

The AirFlow Technology Fit x Slim sports bras (pack of 2) are here for the sporty crowd! Comfor..


Bamboo Shapewear Unibody Reducing and Moulding Corset

Achieve a sculpted figure with the Bamboo Shapewear Unibody Reducing and Moulding Corset! Thanks to ..


Bum-Bastic Push-Up Derriere-lifting Underwear

Highlight the natural shape of your behind and attain a sexy seductive figure with the Bum-Bast..


Chic Shaper Push Up Cleavage Enhancer

Would you like to enhance your breasts quickly and easily? Then, the Chic Shaper Push Up cleava..


Comfort Bra Spring (pack of 3)

We are introducing the unique microfibre bra which is perfectly adapted to your body and highlights ..


Fashion Securitape Cleavage Adhesive Fit X Slim (pack of 30)

If you want eternal glamour with your most low-cut dresses but don't wish make any risks as to what ..


Fit X Slim Arm Shapewear (pack of 3)

Say goodbye to those flabby arms with the Fit X Slim arm shapewear (pack of 3)! With this shape..


Fit X Slim Reducing Undershirts for Men (pack of 2)

Stylize your figure easily with the Fit X Slim reducing undershirts for men! Slimming and shaping t-..


Sbelt Bra

Sbelt Bra. Many women consider it to be the most comfortable bra in the market as it doesn't have in..


Strap Nix Bra (3 Pieces)

Buy Strap Nix Bra (3 pieces) at the best price. The mainuse of any bra is to hold the breasts w..