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Face and body treatments

Do you want to buy the best facial and body treatments on the market online? Browse our website and discover special and trustworthy products.

Brand: Welzenter Model: 617
If you're worried about your physique and you like to look after yourself, the Bright Look electric breast enhancer is the product you're looking for! Its revolutionary system, based on electrodes, emits a vibrating massage which strengthens and increases breast musculature and boosts blood circulat..
Brand: Dr Gem Model: F1520309
Avoid pain and incorrect postures with the Dr Gem magnetic back support! This posture corrector provides excellent support and includes 12 magnets (400 G) that are strategically located to reduce and avoid back pain. It's perfect to keep a correct posture, improve the blood flow and relax the muscle..
Brand: INNOVAGOODS Model: V0100511
Get an enviable figure with the electric anti-cellulite massager InnovaGoods Wellness Beauté! An innovative, ergonomic anti-cellulite apparatus has a system of gyrating wheels that can reduce and even completely remove unsightly orange peel skin. It makes the blood flow better which helps to get rid..
Brand: INNOVAGOODS Model: V0100562
If you like to take care of yourself, discover the benefits of the InnovaGoods Wellness Care anti-cellulite stimulator brush! An innovative and effective body massager brush that helps eliminate celulite, stimulate the skin, drain excess líquid and release toxins. Simply gently massage the desired a..
Brand: INNOVAGOODS Model: V0100793
Get a better and healthier appearance with the help of the new InnovaGoods Wellness Beauté double chin slimmer & massager! A simple and effective method to exercise and strengthen your neck muscles and reduce skin flaccidity. Just use it 2 minutes a day in order to progressively obtain the results e..
Brand: INNOVAGOODS Model: V0100462
Get InnovaGoods Wellness Beauté Facial Cleansing Brush which will help you to achieve a clean, luminous face. An electric facial brush that's extremely effective for cleaning your face. What's more, its spinning motion provides a pleasant and relaxing sensation on the skin.  Made of ABS, PC, and rub..
Brand: Adore Better Living Model: 13449
If you're worried about the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines on your face, with Oxy·Care Pro anti-aging facial rejuvenator you'll be able to fight them off! An easy and effective method for delaying the appearance of signs of aging on your face. Its advanced technology is based on benefit..
Brand: Babyliss Model: S0533679
Would you like to have the best line of beauty treatments in your home with good quality products at a great price? Well don’t go without Replacements for Electric Nail File Pedi Care Babyliss!Gender: Unisex..
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