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Clothes and Shoes

Clothes and Shoes

You’ll find the best selection of clothing and footwear on the market only at Edwin and Margaret. We have all the products that will complement your style, from fun and colourful pyjamas and sleeved blankets for the whole family, modern footwear and accessories, to the most comfortable underwear. 

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5cm in 1sec Insoles SOLD OUT

5cm in 1sec Insoles

Buy 5cm in 1sec Insoles at the best price. Increase your height without anyone noticing. The 5cm in ..


Air Tone Toning Trainers

Get in shape almost effortlessly with the Air Tone toning trainers! These trainers, with curved..


AirFlow Technology Fit x Slim Sports Bras (pack of 2)

The AirFlow Technology Fit x Slim sports bras (pack of 2) are here for the sporty crowd! Comfor..


Body & Breast Discreet Shaper

Look better than ever in your most seductive dresses and skirts thanks to the Body & Breast Disc..


BTK Running Shoes

Do you like going running? Do you know about the new technique known as barefoot running? With the B..


Bum-Bastic Push-Up Derriere-lifting Underwear

Highlight the natural shape of your behind and attain a sexy seductive figure with the Bum-Bast..


Comfort Jeans

Enjoy the greatest comfort both inside and out of your home with the Comfort Jeans! Made of cotton (..


Extra Soft Snug Snug Kids Blanket with Sleeves

Buy Extra-Soft Snug Snug Kids Blanket with Sleeves at the best price. The extra-soft Snug ..


Fit X Slim Men's Slimming Vest

Do you want to have a perfect body? Save gym hours and get the Fit X Slim men's slimming vest. This ..


Magnetic Silicone Insoles SOLD OUT

Magnetic Silicone Insoles

The gel insoles are perfect for reducing the pressure that you put on your joints when you walk. The..