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Brand: Cecorelax Model: V1700236
You now have great rest within your reach, with the Cecorelax active charcoal memory foam pillow!Made with a memory foam centre and active charcoal particlesDischarges static electricity during the day, creating an antistress effectAdaptable and elastic: optimum support for neck vertabraeBetter hygi..
Brand: Cecorelax Model: V1700229
Enjoy your rest with the Cecorelax memory foam latex pillow! Made with memory foam and latex materialsGreater adaptability, softness, firmness and elasticityFeeling of weightlessness: alleviates pressure on the shoulders and allows for optimal restSpongy and sturdy supportSensitive to body temperatu..
Brand: Cecorelax Model: V1700311
Get the rest you deserve with the Cecorelax memory foam mattress (28 cm thickness)!Highly resilient orthopedic memory foam mattressAnatomical and springyCloud effect: distribution of pressure points, maximum relaxation and better circulationFirm, elastic and consistently maintains the correct postur..
Brand: Cecorelax Model: V1700324
If you are thinking about buying a mattress, enjoy the benefits and advantages of the Cecorelax memory foam mattress (30 cm thickness)!Centre with springs in small bags: zone autonomy, freedom of movement, and absence of noiseTwo useful sides depending on the time of the year: lengthens the life of ..
Brand: Cecorelax Model: V1700221
Don't go to sleep without the Cecorelax memory foam pillow!Made with 100% memory foam continuous laminateIt adapts to the body contour avoiding pressure, stress and neck problemsMaximum ergonomics: optimal position of the neck and headAloe vera treatmentComplete flexibility, comfort y freshnessRemes..
Brand: Cecorelax Model: V1700256
If it's important to you and your family to rest well, you must try the Cecorelax nature memory foam pillow!Made from memory foam, almond shells and olive stonesAbsorbs humidity and unpleasant odoursHave a fresh, pure restSpongy and resistant supportImproves the circulationMaterial is sensitive to b..
Brand: Cecorelax Model: V1700275
Enjoy a better night's sleep with the Cecorelax soya memory foam pillow!Made from a memory foam, aloe vera and natural oils nucleusRecommended to alleviate neck painProvides a feeling of complete rest and wellbeingHigh absorption capacity (4 times greater than cotton)Improves blood circulation with ..
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