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Cascade Bathing

Brand: Cascade Bathing Model: 17571
Discover the perfect hair brush for brushing your hair after washing it, the Dry+ hair brush-towel! Thanks to the high absorption capacity of its microfibre bristles (up to 30 % of moisture), it makes drying the hair quicker and easier in a simple and natural way, as it reduces excess moisture quick..
Brand: Cascade Bathing Model: 5438
Remove calluses and corns with the incredible Mini Pedi Pro Silk callus remover! This foot care device is great for your feet. It's a quick and simple method to always have your feet healthy and beautiful. Ergonomic design with rotating head. It's harmless for your feet and perfect for you..
Brand: Cascade Bathing Model: 5440
With the revolutionary Perfect Nail Clipper LED nail cutter with magnifying glass you'll have a nail clipper, a magnifying glass, a file and a LED light - all in one! Very practical and complete to trim toenails and fingernails with precision. It's easy, comfortable and safe. Especially recommended ..
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