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02 Dec 10 Health Benefits of Pumpkin
Edwin 0 68
In the 6th grade, I won a 300-pound pumpkin through a raffle that my teacher held for us.This was the biggest pumpkin I’d ever seen in real life! I was so stoked to have it, because nobody else in my neighbourhood had one as big as this. Cutting it o..
01 Dec You are living images of God
Edwin 0 48
God always fills His temple. At the day of dedication He fills His temple. He fills it with Hisself. The same thing, today. God will fill every temple that will thoroughly dedicate itself to Him, any persons that will. The temple is not this little b..
01 Dec Coconut Tea Benefits
Edwin 0 32
We have all seen those tropical islands, and we couldn’t help but notice those coconuts trees lining up the beaches. It surely is a refreshing sight, and we all hope we could live in such locales.But coconut trees aren’t just ornaments in the tropica..
30 Nov Before they could even understand it
Edwin 0 36
Before they could even understand it, they fell down and worshipped Him and then presented their gifts. That’s the way to have real Christmas: worship Him, then present your gift; presenting your body as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God..
28 Nov Time-tested and tried
Edwin 0 47
Time-tested and tried, until their souls are set like flint towards Calvary. Yes, they are time-tested. They are witnesses of His Power. And through that, God is building a bridge from earth to Glory, that the wayfaring man may come on the highway, s..
27 Nov I’ve anchored my soul there
Edwin 0 56
I’ve anchored my soul there, with the simplicity of laying my hands upon my Sacrifice, confessing that I’m no good at all. There’s nothing in me, O Lord God. Send that Messiah upon me and change my being to what I was, and make me in Your Own fashion..
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