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Beach and Pool

If you are looking for accessories for outings and trips to the beach and pool, you’re in the right place!

Brand: Adventure Goods Model: B01ABUTNGU
8 Litre Insulated Main Compartment Front Pocket (not insulated) Insulated Lining - Durable & Easy Clean ..
Brand: Adventure Goods Model: V0201035
Do you already have all the accessories for this summer? The Adventure Goods Cooler Fridge bag (14 l) is a must-have, since it is perfect for ensuring that you have cool drinks on days out to the mountains, the beach, pool, etc.Made of polyurethaneApprox. capacity: 14 lFeatures zip, 2 short handles ..
Brand: Adventure Goods Model: V0300575
The next time you go to the beach or swimming pool, don't forget the Adventure Goods inflatable blue swim ring!Made of plasticRecommended age: +6 yearsInner diameter: aprox. 35 cmExternal diameter: approx. 110 cm..
Brand: Adventure Goods Model: V0300373
Introducing the fun and unusual Adventure Goods inflatable Pizza lilo! A beach and pool lilo that is very comfortable and perfect for relaxing in the water this summer. Made of PVCHolders for drink cansMaximum weight supported: 90 kgRecommended age: 14+ yearsApprox. dimensions: 180 x 150 cm..
Brand: Adventure Goods Model: V0300372
With the unusual and fun Adventure Goods inflatable Polo lilo you will enjoy relaxing in great comfort on the beach or in the pool this summer!Made of PVCMaximum weight supported: 90 kgRecommended age: 14+ yearsApprox. length: 180 cm..
Brand: Adventure Goods Model: V0300563
This summer, enjoy refreshing drinks when relaxing by the pool or at the beach with the practical, convenient Adventure Goods Swan inflatable can holder!Made of plasticInner diameter: approx. 8 cmDiameter: approx. 18 cm..
Brand: Adventure Goods Model: V0300547
If you want to have a nice time by the sea or at the beach and go for a relaxing and unusual bath, don´t miss the Adventure Goods Unicorn inflatable mattress.Made of plasticMaximum weight: approx. 70 kgRecommended age: +14 yearsWith two handlesDimensions of base: approx. 90 x 70 cmTotal dimensions: ..
Brand: Adventure Goods Model: V0300505
This summer the original Adventure Goods Watermelon lilo will be perfect for spending a fun time in the water in comfort!Made of plasticMax. supported weight: approx. 100 kgRecommended age: 14+ yearsApprox. dimensions: 180 x 90 cm..
Brand: Angry Birds Model: V0500126
Kids will be amazed by the Angry Birds lilo during days on the beach and at the swimming pool! Features 2 safety valves. Made of durable vinyl. Includes repair patch. Recommended age: 3+ years. Approx. dimensions: 119 x 61 cm...
Brand: Adventure Goods Model: V0300553
With the original, practical Adventure Goods watermelon inflatable stand for cans, you can enjoy a refreshing drink while you're swimming at the beach or pool!Made of plasticApprox. inner diameter: 9 cmApprox. diameter: 19 cm..
Brand: INTEX Model: V0200213
If you want to play sport whilst enjoying the outdoors, the beach Badminton set Intex (4 pieces) is a must-have. This badminton set includes: 2 rackets and 2 shuttlecocks (slow speed and high speed).Made of durable plasticHandles covered in polyurethane (added comfort and better grip)Approx. dimensi..
Brand: Junior knows Model: H4530270
Imagine your little ones' reactions to a gift which is not only for blowing bubbles, but also for playing on the beach! Well, here is that very gift - the beach game with bubbles. Children will thank you for it, and they'll love being able to both play in the sand and blow bubbles of every size.  Fr..
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