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Bath time

Bath time is very important for babies and children, and this is why at Honesty Sales wants to offer you articles that make it fun, without neglecting the children’s safety.

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If your worried about your little ones' skin, the body milk for children is a must among the moisturising creams in your children's products. This body milk is hypoallergenic and it has a physiological pH, just the one your children need. It has 93.5 % natural ingredients (some of them coming from o..
Brand: Diet Esthetic Stock: In Stock
If you have just become a mum, you'll have noticed how the the skin on your baby's bottom gets irritated from a wet nappy. Then, with the diaper cream you'll manage to avoid their discomfort thanks to its high panthenol content, as it protects from rashes. Additionally, this protective ointment cont..
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