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Bath time

Bath time is very important for babies and children, and this is why at Honesty Sales wants to offer you articles that make it fun, without neglecting the children’s safety.

Brand: Junior knows Model: 13271
The alcohol-free eau de cologne for children is perfect for the sensitive skin of children and babies. With oats and marigold. Free from alcohol, nanoparticles, colourants, parabenes, phtalates, allergens, GMOs, MIT. Hypoallergenic. It contains natural ingredients (87 %). Dermatologicaly tested, not..
Brand: Junior knows Model: F1600053
If your worried about your little ones' skin, the body milk for children is a must among the moisturising creams in your children's products. This body milk is hypoallergenic and it has a physiological pH, just the one your children need. It has 93.5 % natural ingredients (some of them coming from o..
Brand: Hasendad Model: 13426
The Chouchou de Papa et Maman bathing cap for children will become children's best friend at bathtime! Thanks to its design, children can be relaxed while they bathe without the fear of having water or shampoo get in their eyes.Made of EVA rubberAdjustable (approx. diameter: 11-15 cm)Recommended age..