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Cut with the Chop & Roll circular knife! Its innovative and practical design allows for cutting and chopping quickly and safely. The cutting blade can roll or remain fixed according to the needs and food (it has a lever to lock it). Ideal for vegetables, tartar sauces, thin steaks, etc.RemovableMade..
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Decorate your dishes with the Curly Veggies vegetable cutter and put your culinary creativity to the test. With this innovative and practical manual kitchen utensil, you'll be able to cut your vegetables in a fun and original way, giving your dishes a special and different touch. It's easy to clean ..
Brand: Always Fresh Kitchen Stock: In Stock
If you are a practical person and like to save time and energy in the kitchen, get the Health Cook·Mat Oven Mat! Ideal for cooking in the oven and the microwave, while avoiding messy oven floors or trays. Its pyramidal weave design helps the flow of heat and allows for separation of fat and oil from..
Brand: Always Fresh Kitchen Stock: In Stock
Give your dishes a fun touch! The Yummy Pop dessert corer will help you to decorate your best recipes in just a few seconds. Create fruit or bread forms with its various moulds for desserts. Give full rein to your imagination! With the Yummy Pop dessert corer you can easily cut fruit, sandwiches or ..
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