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World Products

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Action Herbal Bitters (Vegetable Herbal)

For the Relief of Constipation and it's associated conditions:Action herbal bitters will help to res..


Adom Kooko herbal Bitters

Adom Kooko BittersThis preparation is effective in the relief of constipation, piles, waist pains an..


Alafia herbal Bitters

Alafia Bitters Herbal Institute and Clinic, Ghana African Traditional Heritage (since 1870) Member o..


Anans OAT POUNDO, 100% Wholegrain Oat Flour. 1.5kg

Anans OAT POUNDO, 100% Wholegrain Oat Flour. 1.5kg;Product descriptionOat Poundo is a perfect meal e..


Bentonite Medicinal Baked Clay (Ayilo/Shile)

Bentonite Medicinal Clay (Ayilo/Shile)Never heard of bentonite clay before? Well, then you may be ve..


Black pepper, Guinea cubebs, Soro wusa, Sesaa (60g)

Uses: for the treatment of coughs, bronchitis and rheumatism; the powdered drug is insect ..